Repurposing an old post for our readers for a month on teamwork. Our motto at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals is to redefine the boundaries of excellence through tree services and plant health care solutions. Part of how we do that is to serve people throughout the central Pennsylvania region. We will go out of our way to make sure tree care jobs are done with excellence for those who need it.

Areas We Serve

We serve various counties in central PA including: Centre, Lycoming, Clearfield, Dauphin, Juniata, Mifflin, Snyder, Huntingdon and Dauphin counties. We have also taken up projects in the Harrisburg area; no place is too far for our growing and dedicated team.

That said, it would be impossible for us to reach all of these areas in central PA without valuable teams, which is why our first core value is teamwork.


Teamwork is reflected in what we stand on as a company. We know that CETP is greater because of those we work with. And as a company with Christian values and principles, we are humble to recognize that God created us for his purposes, not for our own self-glorification. This means, those we hire are treated with respect and are considered as valuable as even the owners themselves.

With our core value of teamwork, our teams work in alignment with each other and the purpose of our company. We bring safety to the communities we serve through proper tree care. And we help the environment through all of our other plant and tree care solutions.

5 Points of Teamwork

Our 5 key points of teamwork at Cutting Edge Tree Professionals are:

  • Everyone is aligned with the company vision, striving towards the same goals together.
  • We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • We collaborate and adapt to achieve our goals, contributing with our unique skills and qualities.
  • We care about the people we work with and their safety. An incident may mean someone doesn’t go home to their family.
  • We respect others by acknowledging that God created us for His purposes and not for our self-glorification. With humility we acknowledge the dignity and worth of all people.

Why it Matters

Why does this matter? As we aim to grow our team, we are looking for those who can stand with us and align with our values. Apply to be a part of the Cutting Edge Tree Professionals team today and make a difference in the central Pennsylvania region.

You can pursue tree work backed up by crews who are redefining the boundaries of excellence with all the pillars we stand on in our core values.