Pennsylvania’s lush forests and diverse tree species make it a great destination for nature enthusiasts and tree lovers. From towering old-growth forests to urban green spaces, the state has many amazing tree viewing locations. Are you looking for a place to spend your day off? Or a memorable and picturesque spot somewhere within driving distance where you can take a day trip this summer? Read on for some of the most picturesque spots in Pennsylvania that might become your next favorite day trip spot!

Consider visiting some of these tree-filled locations this summer. But don’t worry about a lack of shade; large, shady trees will always be there to provide you with a cool reprieve from the heat. Here is our list of 5 of Pennsylvania’s most picturesque tree-filled landscapes.

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Pine Creek Gorge 

Commonly referred to as the “Pennsylvania Grand Canyon” the Pine Creek Gorge is one of the best places to see trees in Pennsylvania. In Wellsboro, PA, this site has a variety of activities, such as bike trails and horseback riding. Spanning 50 miles long and 1,450 feet at its deepest point, the tree view from Pine Creek is unbelievable. To learn more about where to hike, bike, or horseback ride through the gorge, click here or on the image to visit the Pine Creek website.

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Mount Nittany

For State College residents, Mt. Nittany is a must see. Take the hike and enjoy the beauty of the PA mountains and the view of the town below. This trail is perfect for a novice hiker. You can enjoy tree-scapes from multiple locations across the path without needing to hike to the peak. To learn more about the fresh trails and the best hiking times, click here or on the image to visit the Mt. Nittany Conservatory page.

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The Great Allegheny Passage

This passage stretches a shocking 150 miles from Cumberland, Maryland to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their non-motorized path offers breathtaking views of valleys, mountains, and rivers for hikers and bikers. The tree view will be incredible from any of the multiple tree-top bridges across the path. To learn more about the Pittsburgh attractions and amenities, click here or on the image to visit The Great Allegheny Passage website.

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Big Pocono State Park

Hiking and biking are must dos at Big Pocono State Park, in Tannersville, PA. It has one of the widest ranging views from its site at the top of Camelback Mountain. Its claim to fame is that you can see three different states- Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey- from its trails. And the summit is drive-able, making it convenient for ADA access. Visit the Pocono website for a variety of trees and to experience Camelback Mountain’s summit.

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Bowmans Hill Tower

They built this tower in the early 1900s as a lookout point for Washington’s troops across the Delaware River. With a rich and interesting history, this landmark provides more than just a stunning view. In New Hope, PA, this 125 foot tower has a 14 mile view of the treetops. To learn more about the tower and where to find it, click here or on the image to visit the Bowmans Hill Tower website.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many great grounds to visit in Pennsylvania, full of great scenery and plant life. For those who have the opportunity, we urge you to enjoy these five beautiful landscapes. We hope you had as much fun reading this post as we did writing it.

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